Fully qualified and insured osteopath and clinical massage therapist working in central London

Heather Gibson M.Ost

Heather is an osteopath and an expert in the field of massage therapy integrating technical skill, clinical experience and massage artistry with a dedication to her clients goals and well being. Heather has been practicing in London since 2002 and has a dedicated following of regular clients and health professionals who refer to her. Her level of education and experience make her the perfect choice for anyone suffering ongoing issues of pain and tension.

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"Heather is very skilled at her treatment and at identifying and linking up why problem areas occurred and how to address them. I left feeling relaxed and energised and with a better understanding as to how to use exercise, breathing and relaxation to keep me in tip top form."
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Heather Gibson M.Ost


Massage Therapy

Neuromuscular therapy and trigger point therapy